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Is Cosmetic Teeth Whitening illegal?

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in the UK.

A bright white smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Teeth whitening has become very popular in the UK, as a growing desire for a perfect celebrity smile continues. It is reported that one in six people have had their teeth whitened. Cosmetic teeth whitening has become very popular in the beauty industry. Cosmetic teeth whitening makes £40 million annually in the UK. As a result, many salons and small businesses are offering cosmetic teeth whitening but is it legal and safe?

Reports of illegal Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. 

There is often confusion about the legality of cosmetic teeth whitening in the beauty industry. It is often wrongly reported that cosmetic teeth whitening is illegal. Cosmetic teeth whitening is legal and is not a dentistry procedure. Cosmetic teeth whitening is purely cosmetic, and no dentistry advice is ever provided from a Naturawhite brand ambassador.


Naturawhite cosmetic teeth whitening
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Is offering a Naturawhite Teeth Whitening Product UK compliant?

It is often asked whether cosmetic teeth whitening products are safe. There have been reports of cosmetic teeth whitening services burning client’s gums. These reports fail to mention that the gels being used are illegal by the salons, contain a high level of peroxide and are often bought cheaply to save money from unknown websites, Amazon or eBay. Naturawhite products are completely legal, 100% compliant with the European Council Directive of Cosmetic Products, vegan and cruelty-free. We are committed to ensuring that all our products are at the highest quality.

Leading brand in the industry

Naturawhite believes that everyone is entitled to a perfect smile. There are hundreds of companies and salons claiming to offer teeth whitening training courses, but many fail to follow current guidelines and legislation set out by the EU and UK. Naturawhite is one of the UK’s longest-running cosmetic teeth whitening providers and is one of the few companies to offer 100% legal cosmetic teeth whitening training for non-dentists. Naturawhite is a trusted brand with almost 19 years in the industry.

All Naturawhite training is carried out by experienced trainers and the safety of the public is always our top priority. As a result, Naturawhite is one of the only teeth whitening training providers that can offer cosmetic teeth whitening insurance. We are always committed to being honest and transparent with our customers and will always be compliant with the law.

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